Happy Labor Day!

So today is Labor Day, which i don’t really know what it means. But considering My girl never explained it to me. I do know that it involves treats and family. Kind of like 4th of July. Anyway, my girl took lots of pictures. Here they are.

Looking at treats.
This is a little crunchy. But good though
All mine. My stick.
Hmm. This treat isn’t the best.
Shadows are weird. And I’m HUGE.

Hope you all have a great Labor Day everyone. Also. if you get bad treats from your family, just go scavenging in the woods. Liver is the best.

Conquering the world one treat at a time-

Rufus T. Watson. (i really like signing off.)

Road Trip With my girl

It was really only a 3 hour trip to a apple orchard. But to me it was like a road trip. Anyways have a great Labor Day everyone.

OK. My girl when do i get to eat the apples?
We didn’t get any liver treats.
That was one good apple. What type was it? Treat Apple?

Well it really was a fun road trip.

Over and Out.

Rufus T. Watson ( i really like signing off on posts. Gotta do that more)

Hanging Out. (Pupperazzi is here)

So today me and my girl were hanging out outside and all of sudden she’s giving me all of these orders like ‘Sit. Good boy. Stay. Good boy’ and stuff like that anways, she did get some good pictures.

Yeah, She’s got good taste in shoes, well you can only see part of them,but they sure taste good.
Well that was a really good treat.
Just checking up on stuff, my girl.
hmm. Thats a treat there.
But There is one right here. So..

Anyways, I’ve gotta go. My girl is calling me. (I’m using her computer. You figure that one out. She won’t get me one.)

Over and out.

Rufus T. Watson. I’ve never signed off a post before, i kinda like it.

Sunday Animal Talk

As you know i like to talk with my buddies on Sunday. So this Sunday is Misha the cat.

‘Dis is Misha

Welcome to Sunday Animal Talk- With your host Rufus T. Watson.

Rufus- Welcome to Sunday Animal Talk Misha. Thanks for joining us.

Misha- Leave me alone

Rufus- What do you do for fun?

Misha- Leave me alone

Rufus- Well that sounds fun

Misha- Do you know what leave me alone means?

Rufus- oh well. Thanks for coming on Sunday Animal Talk Misha.

See you next week!

Spending Time Outside With My Girl

Today was kind of chill out day, i think my girl went to town. 😪. Also while she was gone, my buddy Misha taught me this thing called emojis. 😁.

smelling the uh, they aren’t flowers. what are they my girl?
Looking at the cat. Ginger, my other best buddy.
I’m coming My Girl!
I dink that is a bug. Or a stick. maybe even a leftover treat.
You ready to go in?
‘dis is Misha, the buddy i told you about that taught me about emojis.

Work/Play Day

Today my girl and I worked outside and I played in Sasha creek (that is a creek that runs through the property). I also helped clean the porch. Or at least tried to help.

Ooh, a treat. Yummy.
I think that i should probably move that over here. Or not. You can do it my girl.

Happy 4th of July!!!

So today me and my girl and my family are celebrating 4th of July. The best part about it is the treats. Really. Trust Me. She also posed me for a cute photo shoot wearing a red bandanna. Anyway here are the pics.

Ok. Can you just give me that treat your holding?
Please? Please, give me that treat your holding. I’ve been a super good boy.